Cat Cora: Iron Chef Star, Avoids Jail Time for DUI Charges

Cat Cora: Iron Chef Star, Avoids DUI Charges

Cat Cora, most known for her appearance on the Iron Chef, was arrested last summer for a DUI after rear-ending another vehicle near Santa Barbara, California. When the police tested her blood alcohol content on the breathalyzer, Cora blew a .20 when then legal limit is an .08.

Cora however will not be facing any jail time but she has not escaped her mistake. She will have to be on probation for 3 years as well as have to take 9 months of DUI school. She also had to pay about $2,386 in fines. If she does not end up completing her schooling or if she does not obey the rules of her probation, Cora could easily face jail time.

Cora was very sorry for her actions and wished that she had not decided to drive after her designated driver had left her. She claimed that she would never let a mistake like it happen again.

If you have been arrested for driving drunk, contact an experienced and skilled California DUI attorney for legal assistance.

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