Canadian Drunk Driver Fools Police Officers and Courts

Canadian Drunk Driver Fools Police Officers and Courts

Simcoe sources reported that a Canadian drunk driver from Innisfil “was able to fool police and court officials into believing he was his brother.” The 27 year old drunk driver was charged for driving impaired. Amazingly, the ” deception wasn’t discovered until the man’s brother received a notice in the mail saying he had been convicted of impaired driving and his licence was suspended.”

The brother immediately reacted by calling the South Simcoe Police department to file a complain. He told them that they had made a mistake by stating that they “had the wrong man and that his brother had used his name from the time he was arrested to the time he was convicted.” The police department conducted an investigation until the drunk driver was finally located and arrested. The drunk driver was also charged with a second count for obstructing justice. He was released and summoned to report to Bradford’s Provincial Court next month.

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