Canada Denies Entry to Those With DWI Record

If you are planning on traveling to Canada, be aware that you can be denied entry to the country if you have a criminal arrest record.

It doesn’t matter if your visit to Canada is for business, school, immigration or pleasure, and it doesn’t matter how major or minor the nature of your offense. A past conviction for shoplifting, driving while intoxicated or drug possession is enough to be denied entry to Canada.

The legal code for denying admission to criminals has existed for some time, though in a post 9/11 environment, the United States and Canada are sharing more information. Immediate access to regularly updated databases makes enforcement easier. Now even ski bums on a weekend vacation are being turned away by Canadian immigration.

A juvenile criminal conviction (for crimes committed when younger than 18) will most likely not result in being prohibited entry. Adults can file a form declaring rehabilitation, though this must be done well in advance of any effort to enter Canada. A DWI Defense Attorney may be able to help with the expungement of a previous drunk driving arrest.

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