Cameron Lynn WWE Star Plead’s Not-Guitly In DUI Case

Cameron Lynn WWE Star Plead's Not-Guitly In DUI Case

Cameron Lynn WWE Star Plead’s Not-Guitly In DUI Case

Cameron Lynn, a popular wrestling star with the WWE has plead not-guilty to a DUI charge she received earlier this year. On August 24, 2012, the eccentric wrestler was arrested in Tampa, Florida after having blown a .20% during a breathalyzer test, more than double the state’s legal limit of .08%. Lynn is now claiming that she was not driving drunk despite the breathalyzer results. Apparently, Lynn also tried to bribe her arresting officer’s with $10,000 in exchange for them not taking her to jail. She claimed that if she was arrested for DUI, her bosses at the WWE would fire her.

Cameron Lynn was suspended, but not fired, for 15 days. The suspension started on August 31 and ended on September 14, 2012. Other wrestlers, such as Alex Riley and Jimmy Uso have also received DUI’s but were not suspended by the WWE. The big difference and more likely the reason for Cameron Lynn being suspended was the fact that she tried to bribe the police. According to the police report, Lynn also tried to hide the fact that she worked for the WWE, claiming that she was a sale’s associate with Well’s Fargo. The suspension also affected her wrestling group “Funkadactyls” and partner Naomi Knight when the company decided to pull the act from shows during her suspension period.

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