Call from Former Madam Leads to Nevada DUI Arrest of County District Attorney

Former Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss called 911 last Tuesday night about a suspicious vehicle parked near her house. Investigating police in Pahrump, Nevada discovered the Nye County District Attorney drunk inside a county owned car.

Bob Beckett had no identification on him at the time of arrest and he failed several field sobriety tests. Beckett was described as compliant and respectful during his booked for driving under the influence if Nevada. The four term DA has a prior arrest for DUI in California from 2008 and was charged with embezzlement last May. He lost the Republican primary for the office last June.

Fleiss said she saw a car off the gravel road in her neighborhood and only a few yards from her house. Not knowing who was in the vehicle or why it was there, she contacted the police. Fleiss was arrested for driving under the influence of narcotics in Pahrump Nevada in 2008, and was prosecuted by Beckett.

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