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The State of California will seek to suspend your driver's license following an arrest for a DUI in California.

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Arrested for DWI

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DUI Attorneys Kapsak & BairBeing arrested for suspicion of DUI in California can be emotionally stressful. The legal obstacles can be challenging and the consequences of a criminal conviction are severe. The personal service offered by Contra Costa County, California DUI Lawyers Kapsack & Bair will make the ordeal easier, and their experience with drunk driving defense could mean a positive outcome of your case.

Contra Costa County DUI Lawyers Kapsack & Bair will provide a free review of your DUI case. They will outline your legal options and explain how they can help.

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Hiring Contra Costa County DUI Attorneys Kapsack & Bair can make a difference

It is important to note that not all attorneys practice drunk driving defense, and there are DUI attorneys who offer low fees with the intent of accepting the first plea offer from the prosecution. The Contra Costa County DUI Lawyers at Kapsack & Bair focus the majority of their practice on DUI defense and they will fight for dismissal or reduction of your charges. Kapsack & Bair understands California DUI laws and the criminal court system, and they will defend your constitutional rights.

One indication of a committed DUI lawyer is the interest in taking a case to trial, and Kapsack & Bair will begin preparing for a jury trial from the day you hire them. They will aggressively challenge physical evidence, review police reports to ensure policies and procedures were followed, interview witnesses and question whether the testing equipment involved with your arrest had been maintained or administered correctly. The Contra Costa County DUI Lawyers at Kapsack & Bair are trained in the proper administration of field sobriety tests and they own an Intoxilyzer 5000 breath test machine. Each DUI has unique aspects though you can rest assured that Contra Costa DUI Attorneys Kapsack & Bair will work for the best possible outcome of your case.

In addition to criminal proceedings, the State of California will bring a civil case against you that will determine if your driver’s license will be suspended or your driving privileges restricted. The Contra Costa County DUI Attorneys at Kapsack & Bair know how to fight this Department of Motor Vehicles process. Time is very important though, so contact Kapsack & Bair now if you want to keep your license.

Contra Costa DUI Lawyers Kapsack & Bair have a proven record of successful drunk driving defense and they are ready to help you.

California DUI Penalties

A conviction for driving under the influence in California can result in loss of driver’s license, probation, court fees and fines, mandatory alcohol and drug rehabilitation and even jail time. Other factors such as causing an accident while intoxicated, driving with a suspended driver’s license, having a high blood alcohol content or having a previous DUI conviction will increase the penalties.

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