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Protecting Your Driving Privileges after a DUI in Sonoma County

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Sonoma DUI attorney Aaron Bortel handles drunk driving cases in Santa Rosa and throughout Sonoma County, California. DUI Attorney Aaron Bortel can help you if you have been arrested for a DUI in California.

DUI Attorney Aaron Bortel
Law Firm of Aaron Bortel Esq.
Aaron Bortel
Sonoma County DUI Lawyer
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  • Sonoma DUI attorney Aaron Bortel is successful in both court and DMV proceedings for DUI cases
  • Extremely knowledgeable in California DUI law and DMV hearings
  • Experience handling cases in State, Federal, and Juvenile Courts
  • Long list of endorsements from former clients and experience handling DUI cases involving drugs or alcohol
  • Free initial consultation to discuss how to fight your charges and save your driver’s license

Being arrested for a DUI in California is a serious criminal offense. However remorseful or even angry you are, the charges must be addressed and dealt with quickly. A conviction for drunk driving could result in fines, court costs, higher insurance rates or cancellation of your policy, loss of driver’s license, jail time and loss of employment. A mistake may have been made but you need to fight the DUI charge against you to avoid a criminal record and long term consequences.

For immediate help, contact Sonoma County DUI Lawyer Aaron Bortel by filling out the consultation request form or calling (707) 380-8000. The initial review of your case is free and confidential.

Defending your Legal Rights After DUI in California

Client TestimonialsIt is important to act quickly if you have been arrested for California DUI. Sonoma County DUI attorney Aaron Bortel will protect your rights and work to get your life back on track as soon as possible. Attorney Bortel will schedule an Administrative Per Se hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles in an effort to keep your driver’s license. If this hearing is not requested within ten days of the date of your arrest, you will automatically lose your driving privileges.

Bay Area DUI attorney Aaron Bortel will develop an appropriate defense strategy to fight the criminal charges filed against you. Mr. Bortel focuses exclusively on California DUI defense and that experience could make a difference in the outcome of your case. He has helped hundreds of people in situations just like yours and he will work aggressively to get the best possible result for you.

About Sonoma County DUI Lawyer Aaron Bortel

Santa Rosa DUI attorney Aaron Bortel graduated from the University of California – Santa Barbara and received a law degree from the Golden Gate University. He is licensed to argue cases in State, Federal and Juvenile courts.

Aaron Bortel is a well respected California DUI lawyer who practices criminal defense throughout Northern California. The majority of his practice is dedicated to providing legal defense for those arrested for driving under the influence. Mr. Bortel has a successful record of winning California DUI cases and saving his client’s driver’s licenses.

Santa Rosa DUI Lawyer Aaron Bortel is a member of the National College of DUI Defense, the California DUI Lawyers Association, the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Bar Association of San Francisco. He is certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing.

Fees and Pay Plans for DUI Defense in California

Good legal representation from a Bay Area DUI lawyer does not have to be expensive, though you need to weigh costs in relation to experience and legal skills. The goal should be to get your case dismissed or reduced to a traffic ticket. Low fees could be a sign of an attorney who will only plead you guilty and seek probation, and then you would still have a criminal record.

Sonoma County DUI lawyer Aaron Bortel can set up pay plans that work with your budget. The first consultation is free, meaning you have nothing to lose by contacting Northern California DUI lawyer Aaron Bortel. During the initial review of your case Mr. Bortel will outline legal options and ask about your expectations in order to determine if working together is the best course of action. Client satisfaction is important to Aaron Bortel and he won’t take your money unless you feel he can offer great service for a fair fee.

California DUI Defense Attorney

You can trust your future to Sonoma County DUI Attorney Aaron Bortel. He will use all of his skills and experience in an effort to win your DUI case and keep your record clean. To begin getting the help your need and deserve, contact attorney Aaron Bortel by calling (707) 380-8000 or filling out the free consultation request form.

Arrested for DUI in Sonoma County? Call Sonoma DUI Attorney Aaron Bortel today for help

DUI Reviews by Aaron Bortel's Actual Clients

Reviews by Actual Former DUI Clients of Aaron Bortel. 5 Star Review Rating: 10 out of 10 based on 5 reviews.

I was able to keep my drivers license!
I was referred to Aaron by a work colleague who was familiar with Aaron's skills as a DUI attorney. From the first moment I walked into his office and met him, I was impressed. Aaron is very professional, and you can tell that he knows his stuff. He even had a breathalyzer in his office and he explained to me how they worked and where they can be misleading. Since I was a science guy, he also went over how your body metabolizes the alcohol you consume and how it goes into your blood.

In our initial consultation, he asked me details about my arrest and answered every question that I had (which was a lot). I was very nervous about my arrest, especially since I am not from the U.S., I was just here visiting when I was arrested for DUI. He told me what possible outcomes he thought he could get from the charges, and what kind of time frame I should expect. I felt very comfortable with my decision to hire Aaron after walking out of his office after our first meeting.

Aaron kept me informed every time there was a development on my case. In each event, he would describe the situation and let me know what to expect next. When it came time to for Aaron to talk to the D.A. about my case, Aaron was able to have my charges significantly reduced at the first hearing. Given my situation, it was a very good outcome, and I was able to accept the charges, pay a small fine and move on.

The best part of this entire process was that Aaron was able to help me keep my drivers license! I am very grateful for the help that Aaron provided, and I highly recommend him to anyone needing help with DUI charges.

Knowledgeable and Responsive
Arrested for DUI in SF but did not live there. Had some worries regarding making and attending the court dates especially since I did not live there and travel often for work. Glad to know that my case, although it took some time, was dismissed (DMV) thanks to Aaron. Also I did not have to change my life and daily routine because of this incident all thanks to a very knowledgeable attorney. I was able to get a temporary licences and finally get back my real license and I didn't even have to show up once to court.

Thank you Aaron for all your help!
I did not know Aaron prior to requiring his services. I did speak to another lawyer about him and he came highly recommended.

Aaron called me quickly and reviewed my case with me thoroughly. He did all of the leg work to set up appointments and handle both the Court and DMV requirements. He always made me feel like a deserving citizen rather than a criminal! He was very responsive throughout the length of our engagement, taking time to respond by phone and by email with any and all details that I needed or asked for. I had an extremely positive outcome in both my Court and DMV meetings. I know that I would not have won either of those hearings without the professional and personal attention that Aaron gave in both of these courts while representing me.

Thank you Aaron for giving me my life back!

The best in the business
Aaron made my DUI case go very smooth, he has well knowledge of the court system and works hard to give you the best results. I didn't even have to show up to court or to the DMV hearing. We all know how time consuming this can be especially if you have a busy schedule.I didn't even take one day off from work he took care of all the appearances. He gave me good advice and kept me very calm. One of the reasons I picked Aaron was because I got my DUI the day before Christmas eve which was a Friday. We all know how busy everybody is with their loved ones during those times. On saturday which was Christmas eve I called a whole bunch of lawyers and they were all answering services telling me that I wouldn't be able to talk to their lawyer until after the holidays , but not Aaron he took my call that same day and gave me all the advice I needed. He stayed on the phone with me for like an hour or so and wasn't rushing me. I would definitely recommend him to any one that has to go through a DUI. I was very scared because I taught I was done. i was very intoxicated when I got pulled over and that was the cause of my refusal. He fought through thick and thin and not only did my refusal get dropped @ court and @ DMV I kept my license without a suspension. Thus saving my job.Thanks to Aaron I can go on with my life.

A suspended driver's license may lead to an inability to:
• Cash a check • Rent a car • Open a bank account • Board an airplane • Rent a hotel room • Obtain certain jobs
Fight the suspension of your license by contacting Bay Area DUI attorney Aaron Bortel at (707) 380-8000

DUI Attorney Aaron Bortel
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