California DUI Could Lead to Impounded Car

Local municipalities across California are now empowered with a new program designed to reduce drunk driving. If someone is stopped for suspicion of California DUI or is found driving without a driver’s license, the motorist’s vehicle could be impounded for 30 days.

The program is funded by a grant from the California Office for Traffic Safety. Titled the ‘Vehicle Impound Program by OTS’, the goal is to remove DUI drivers and those driving with a suspended or revoked license as a result of a DUI conviction from the streets by taking away their vehicles. Police logs show that repeat DUI offenders are more likely to drive without a license.

The grant covers pay for officers staffing sobriety checkpoints and conducting DUI enforcement operations. In addition, sting operations will be used to catch people driving to or from a courthouse with a suspended or revoked driver’s license. Repeat California DUI offenders and those who drive without a license could have their cars impounded for 30 days.

It is hoped that the program increases public awareness of the problems of drinking and driving, and that the loss of a vehicle acts as a deterrent.

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