California Considering DUI Ankle Bracelets

Following the lead of more than twenty states, legislation is now on California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s desk that would encourage counties across the state to use ankle bracelets in the fight against habitual DUI offenders.

The half-pound Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitors, or SCRAMS can detect alcohol in perspiration. The device gathers information periodically and the wearer is responsible for relaying that information to a central processing computer at least once a day. Probation and court officers can review that information to determine if the bracelet wearer is violating conditions of their probation.

Use of the bracelet is usually reserved for those who have been arrested for repeat DUI offenses. Typically court sentencing for repeat DUI offenses includes alcohol counseling and rehabilitation. That is why the monitoring for alcohol consumption is important.

In San Diego County, where almost a quarter of those arrested for drunk driving are repeat DUI offenders, County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Jan Caldwell says, “Anything that helps keep drunk drivers off the roads, anything that keeps our deputies from going to these senseless, thoughtless crime scenes, is a good idea.”

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