Busta Rhymes Charged with New York DWI

Busta Rhymes was arrested for drunk driving Thursday in New York City. NYPD officers stopped Rhymes on the west side of Midtown Manhattan shortly before 1:00 a.m. because the windows of his 2006 Yukon Denali were tinted too darkly. The officers smelled a strong odor of alcohol on the rapper’s breath and requested a field sobriety test. Rhymes was charged with New York DWI and booked at a Midtown police precinct.

This is not the first run-in with law enforcement for Rhymes, 34, whose real name is Trevor Smith. He is scheduled to go to trial on May 8 for two assault charges; one case involves assaulting a fan at a music festival last August and the other stems from the beating and kicking of his former driver over a pay dispute last December. In February he was stopped for running a red light and subsequently arrested for driving with a suspended license.

Rhymes was issued a traffic last November for talking on his cell phone while driving. He has not cooperated with an investigation into the February 2006 shooting death of his bodyguard, even though he was a witness to the murder.

The rapper is known for his antics during performances and for his outlandish outfits. His music hits include ‘Touch It’ and ‘Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See’. He also appeared in the movie ‘Shaft’.

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