Bus Driver For Football Team Gets Arrested For DUI

Bus Driver For Football Team Gets Arrested For DUI

The Denver Channel reported that in Westminster, Colorado, a school bus driver was nearly three times over the DUI limit when he drove 37 members of a freshman football team to and from a game. The bus driver, Burton Carpenter, was recklessly driving between two traffic lanes and even hit a black Toyota pickup truck.

According to the news story, one of the legal officers that stopped Carpenter, stated that he could smell alcohol ’emanating from the bus’ when he stepped onboard the bus. Carpenter had blood-shot eyes and slurred speech, and told authorities that he had drank vodka in the morning. However, another witness told police that Carpenter admitted he’d been drinking vodka from a 32-ounce Gatorade bottle. He was so drunk, he failed to perform various field sobriety tests and stumbled down the stairs as exited the bus. The investigation report stated that Carpenter’s blood alcohol level was .213, which is almost three times Colorado’s legal limit of .08.  

Sources are wondering how Carpenter was hired in the first place by the bus company, Adams 12. It was discovered that Carpenter had previously lost his employment as a nurse for using narcotics and other painkiller drugs to his advantage. He was forced to surrender his registered nursing license from Broomfield Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center  in June 2012. A representative from Adams 12 stated that although an extensive background check had been performed on Carpenter, nothing indicated he was ineligible for work.

Carpenter was suspended by the school district and charged with 37 counts of child abuse involving reckless endangerment — one for each student passenger — along with four counts of reckless endangerment for the coaches onboard the bus. In addition, he also received charges for DUI, reckless driving, and violating traffic laws. He received a $4,000 bond and refused to participate in an interview with 7News.

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