Bus Driver Accused of DUI in Ohio

The driver of a bus in northern Ohio was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence in Ohio following an accident. The bus was chartered to transport 12 middle-school students and two adult chaperones from Hilliard, near Columbus, to Cedar Point, along Lake Erie.

In Attica, Ohio, about thirty miles from the amusement park, the driver lost control of the vehicle. Ronald L. Williams, 46, was driving a 2000 Ford vehicle as part of a caravan when he veered off the left side of road, hit a deep ditch and then managed to steer the bus back onto the road. He left a 75 foot long trail of debris from the undercarriage of the bus. The accident occurred at 8:35 in the morning. No one was seriously injured though several students suffered bumps and bruises and one adult was treated for a back injury. The children were put on other busses and continued on to Cedar Point.

Police detected alcohol on Williams’ breath and his blood alcohol concentration registered .103%. He was charged with Ohio DUI, child endangerment, failure to control a vehicle, and operating a commercial vehicle without the correct type of license.

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