Boy Involved in DUI Crash Dies

Boy Involved in DUI Crash Dies

KOMO News reported that “a 9-year-old boy, Donovan, injured in a DUI crash died late Sunday after his family removed him from life support.” The crash occurred early on Saturday near Highway 16 in Purdy, Washington. Legal officers stated that after a family BBQ, Donovan and his sister were given a ride back to their grandparent’s home by their uncle, who was drunk and high on drugs when he lost control of the car and crashed. The boy was rushed to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, but after he showed no brain activity his family made the legal decision to turn off the breathing machine. The uncle, Jayce L. Randall, was taken to the hospital for a broken pelvis and is currently kept under suicide watch in a hospital room. Randall will be taken to jail for vehicular homicide. Donovan’s sister was able to get out of the wrecked car and call out for help. Donovan’s great uncle stated, “Jayce is not a bad kid. He’s your average 26 year old…he went through a bottle of tequila, had a few too many drinks. He has never had a police record. He has never had a DUI.” Another family member said,”You have a family here that is suffering two-fold. Our nephew who is on suicide watch, to our little nephew Donovan.”

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