Boulder DUI Officer Arrested…For DUI

Boulder DUI Officer Arrested…For DUI

elizabeth wardElizabeth Ward, a Boulder DUI enforcement officer, was arrested for DUI earlier this week in Thornton, Colorado. Ward was off-duty when the arrest occurred and is the 2nd officer with the DUI enforcement department to be arrested in a month. According to police, another off-duty officer spotted Ward driving north on I-25 around 2 am, driving at a slow speed and weaving in and out of lanes. That off-duty officer called and reported Ward to police, then proceeded to follow her. When an on-duty officer arrived, Ward was already pulled over on the side of the road and readily admitted she was drunk when questioned.

The arresting officer also noticed other symptoms of alcohol intoxication such as watery, bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and an odor of alcohol. When the officer requested that Ward take a field sobriety test, she could hardly maintain her balance and eventually declined any further tests. A sample of Ward’s blood was taken by Thornton police and she was issued a county summons for DUI as well as weaving. A Boulder police sergeant then took custody of Ward after being booked into jail. Detective Scott Morris, with the DUI enforcement department, was also arrested for DUI 3 weeks before Ward on November 15, 2012. Chief Mark Beckner said in a statement on Thursday that “Just one incident would have me concerned, so having two is very concerning, absolutely“. Both Ward and Morris have been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.

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