Boulder DUI Enforcement Officer Pleads Guilty To DUI

Boulder DUI Enforcement Officer Pleads Guilty To DUI

Elizabeth WardElizabeth Ward, a former Boulder DUI enforcement officer, plead guilty to drunk driving on May 22, 2013. In addition to paying a fine, the judge sentenced Ward to ten days of in-home detention, 24 hours of community service and one year of probation. Ward was arrested in December 2012 while she was still serving as an officer on a special DUI enforcement task force, however, she was off-duty when the incident occurred. According to police, another off-duty officer saw Ward driving slowly and swerving through lanes when he called police and proceeded to follow her. Eventually, Ward pulled over on her own and when the on-duty officer arrived and asked why she was pulled over, she said “I’m drunk“.

The former DUI enforcement officer denied the officers request to perform field sobriety tests, saying “No, I’m not going to be able to do it“. Blood alcohol content (BAC) tests eventually showed her BAC content to be .28%, more than triple the legal driving limit of .08%. Wards attorney said that her client drank too much too quickly on the day of the incident after not having had a drink in almost a year. Her attorney continued to say that Ward knew she was too drunk to drive once getting behind the wheel which is why she pulled over on her own. On her way out of the courthouse, With her mother and father by her side, Ward told the press she was sorry for her actions. Following her arrest, Elizabeth Ward resigned from the Boulder DUI enforcement team in February.

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