Bossier Sheriff’s Deputy Fired after DWI Charge

Louisiana Deputy Fired Over DWI Charges

Bossier Parish Sheriff Julian Whittington has terminated one of his own kind after his deputy, Jesse Williams, Jr., was caught drunk driving by a State Trooper on Highway 3. The Trooper alleges that Deputy Williams appeared intoxicated and had bloodshot eyes, was emmitting a strong odor of alcohol, and had poor balance. The report said that he performed poorly on the field sobriety tests that he likely had administered to many others in the past, and the deputy had foolishly left open containers of alcohol in his vehicle. Deputy Williams was booked into Bossier Maximum Security Facility for his first DWI and for driving with an open container.

This is not the first law enforcement officer to be charged with DWI this week. In Sandoval County, Albuquerque Police Detective Edwin Linson was caught driving drunk in an unmarked APD car.

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