Bobby Brown Sentenced To Serve Jail Time

Bobby Brown Sentenced To Serve Jail Time

CNN reported that R&B singer and Whitney Houston’s ex-husband, Bobby Brown, was sentenced to serve 55 days in jail for his second DUI conviction in a year. Frank Mateljan, Los Angeles city attorney’s representative, noted that Brown received a harsher jail sentence because his driver’s license was suspended after he pleaded no contest last summer to another charge of DUI. Mateljan also mentioned that the judge has commanded Brown to attend a minimum of three AA meetings per week until his jail sentence begins on March 20. Brown did not present himself at the court this morning to plead guilty for the DUI, suspended driver’s license, and probation violation charges this morning, he sent his attorney to enter the pleas.  The judge gave Brown 10 days for the DUI charge, 10 days for the suspended driver’s license, and 35 days for violating his probation sentence. Furthermore, his probation was extended to four years.

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