Bobby Brown Pleads “Not Guilty” to His Third DUI

Bobby Brown Pleads “Not Guilty” to His Third DUI

TMZ reported that Bobby Brown pleaded “not guilty” to his most recent and third DUI arrest. If Brown is convicted on the new DUI charges, he will be imprisoned for at least two years. Brown was currently on probation from last month’s DUI.

During October, he was charged with a DUI after California police officials arrested him for driving uncontrollably and detecting alcohol in his breath. In addition, Brown was also charged for “driving on a restricted license and driving a vehicle without a vehicle interlock device (a breathalyzer device that prevents your car from starting if you’ve had something to drink).” Brown had also received charges for a DUI during 1996.

It was determined that “the judge revoked his probation as a result of the most recent arrest, but released the singer today on his own recognizance.” However, Brown’s drivers license was suspended and he was demanded to attend AA sessions. He is summoned to a pre-trial next month.

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