BMV Lets Customers Access Records Online

BMV Lets Customers Access Records Online
Motorists also can renew their registration, schedule a driver’s test
and more.

By Lauren Dunford

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles instituted a new customer service
feature Friday that enables motorists to obtain unofficial copies of
their driving records online.

“Drivers will be able to make sure that their driving record as they
know it is consistent with what the BMV has,” said Fred Stratmann, BMV

“People are unaware of how many points they have on their license,” he

With the new feature, motorists can access that information, stay up
to date on traffic violation requirements and prevent the potential for
license suspension or arrest.

In addition to viewing driving records online, motorists can renew
their vehicle registration, schedule a driver’s test, record a change of
address and access the state’s online organ donor registry.

Drivers also can view their license issue date as part of a new
identity theft prevention feature added last month. A feature allowing
customers to view license reinstatement information is in the works.

The customer service page was widely used even before the addition of
the driving records feature, with more than 600,000 online vehicle
registration renewals to date.

“Anytime you can provide services to your customers that makes it more
convenient for them to do things the state requires them to do, it’s a
success,” Stratmann said.

“We’ve been working hard on customer feedback on the things they would
like to see. We’re making more features available to the public for their


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