Beer Truck Driver Accused of DUI in Colorado

The Colorado State Patrol closed westbound Interstate 70 near Grand Junction Monday night after a tractor trailer carrying beer crashed and overturned. The driver, Dale A. Van Vuren, was traveling westbound around 9:40 pm when his rig went off the road, hit a traffic containment wall, rolled onto its left side and slid some distance down the highway. The overturned truck came to a stop blocking both westbound lanes.

Deputies suspect Van Vuren was driving under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident. Van Vuren, 49, consented to a test for blood alcohol content, the results of which will not be known for several weeks. He was arrested on charges of suspicion of Colorado DUI and careless driving, and later released with a summons.

Sparks from the crash caused the truck and nearby grass to catch fire, both which were extinguished by firefighters within 30 minutes. The interstate was closed for six hours. The truck was carrying 40,000 pounds of beer.

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