Minnesota Gophers Basketball Player Skips Jail for DUI

Minnesota Gophers Basketball Player Skips Jail for DUI 

Minnesota Gophers basketball player, Trevor Mbakwe, will not be going to jail for the DUI charge he received during July in Minnesota. Mbakwe’s attorney argued that Mbakwe is attending Alcoholics Anonymous and is fighting depression. He pleaded Judge Jose Fernandez to take these things into consideration and give him extra years of probation instead of jail time. Although Judge Jose Fernandez did not send Mbakwe to jail, he did manage to extend his probation an additional two years for parole violation of his DUI along with assigning him mandatory community service of 20 hours per month.

Mbakwe’s Wednesday hearing was summoned to address a September DUI conviction for the July arrest in Minnesota. He was put on probation in Florida as part of a pretrial intervention program for a felony battery charge in 2009 and was still on probation when he was arrested in Minnesota.

Fernandez gave Mbakwe a fierce warning at the court hearing and told him, “You’re not a cat; you don’t have nine lives. You’re going to do something and it’s going to be the end of any chances you have. This may be it; this may be your last chance.”

At the hearing Mbakwe, who was dressed in a blue short sleeve dress shirt, was very serious and told the audience: “…It’s been stressing me and my family out and I’m glad it’s over. … I’m just going to stay on the right track now; no more slip-ups. The judge gave me another chance and I’m grateful for that…” Sources claim that Mbakwe is trying to change and that his coaches and family are fully supporting him. In addition to complying with his punishments, he will also be meeting with a University of Minnesota sports psychologist. The University of Minnesota said there will be no statement released from coach, Tubby Smith, regarding decisions on Mbakwe. However, it has been stated that Mbakwe’s future with the NBA has been put at risk.

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