Bar Obliged to Pay $2 Million For Serving Alcohol to a Minor

Bar Obliged to Pay $2 Million For Serving Alcohol to a Minor

Business Insider reported that Crossroads Sports Bar in Florida was sued for $2 million “for intentionally serving an underage client who then got behind the wheel and ran over a pedestrian and 2-year-old child.” It was determined that the underage drunk driver, Valerie Dibble, had a blood alcohol content level of 0.22% which is more than twice the Florida legal limit.

It was stated that a pedestrian, Isaac Sanchez, was carrying his toddler nephew while “standing on the side of a road when Dibble drove off the road and over a lawn before hitting him.” Although Sanchez’s nephew was thrown to the floor, he did not receive any serious injuries. On the other hand, Sanchez did receive serious injuries. It was stated that “he only remembers part of the accident.” Sanchez told sources, “Everything happened so fast you know, it was like a flash – the impact, the pain.”

During trial, Crossroads Sports Bar told the court that “Dibble was never in the bar.” However, the jury refused to believe the bar and required it to pay Sanchez $2 million as penalty. Dibble was charged and convicted for drunk driving and causing serious injuries to Sanchez. She was given a punishment of serving three years of community supervision.

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