Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Arrested for DUI

Former Tennessee Titans quarterback, now with the Baltimore Ravens, was arrested in Nashville for driving under the influence – even though he was not driving. It was his vehicle, but it was his brother-in-law who was drunk behind the wheel. Under Tennessee law though, the owner of a vehicle can be charged if he or she is the passenger when the driver is arrested for DUI.

Police said McNair was a passenger in his silver pickup truck when police pulled the driver over for speeding early Thursday morning. It is not clear if McNair was impaired, and police reportedly did not test his blood alcohol content. Tennessee state law says that a vehicle owner is responsible for the condition of the driver and public safety. The Tennessee DUI charge against McNair is a misdemeanor.

McNair was arrested for drunk driving and illegal gun possession in Nashville in 2003, though the charges were dismissed after a judge ruled police had insufficient reason to pull him over.

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