Babysitter Gets DWI After Crashing Car With Baby Inside

Babysitter Gets DWI After Crashing Car With Baby Inside

Sources stated that Deborah L. Angus, a local babysitter from Roselle Park, New Jersey, “was charged with driving while intoxicated after she flipped her car with the baby she was caring for in the backseat” on Tuesday afternoon. Luckily, police officials stated that the baby did not receive any injuries. However, Angus was severely hurt.

New Jersey police speaker, Sgt. Theodore Dima, stated that they “found the 2012 Nissan sedan overturned in the road near West Colfax Avenue with Donald Place after crossing into oncoming traffic and striking a tree on a lawn.” It was said that two police officers, Sgt. Aldo Cosentino and Patrolman Matthew Hopkins, had to crawl through all the debris and into the “heavily damaged sedan” to save the baby. The baby was found in the child safety seat in the back of the car.

The baby’s parents immediately arrived at the scene of the accident to get their baby. Sources stated that “Angus appeared intoxicated and smelled of alcohol at the crash site.” She received various criminal charges for DWI, driving while drunk with a minor in the car, child neglect, and reckless driving. It was also reported that although her injuries were serious, they “were not considered life threatening.”

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