Automakers Preventing Drunk Driving

Automakers Look to Install System to Prevent

Major car manufacturers such as Nissan Motor Co. and Toyota Motor
Corp. are looking to equip their vehicles with a system to prevent
drunk-driving, sources said.

Nissan reportedly is looking to implement a system to prevent an
engine from starting when a certain amount of alcohol is detected on the
driver’s breath. Toyota also has begun discussing an anti-drunk driving

However, manufacturers face a variety of problems in implementing the
system such as the cost and legal regulations.

Car manufacturers believe measures against drunk driving are necessary
at a time when many drunk drivers are causing traffic accidents.


TOKYO — Nissan is developing a new system to stop drunk drivers
from starting their vehicles, according to a report in Japanese newspaper
Nihon Keizai Shimbun. The system is said to be similar to the
immobilizers used in the United States as part of some drunk-driving

Additionally, the system may be combined with a camera that monitors
the driver for drowsiness. The automaker did not spell out a timetable
for putting the anti-DUI technology on the market.

Saab and Volvo have been leading similar research efforts — in
part because Sweden has tough drunk-driving laws.


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