Austin Sefarian-Jenkins is Charged with DUI

Austin Sefarian-Jenkins is Charged with DUI

Austin Sefarian-Jenkins

Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, player for the Washington Huskies, was charged with DUI last Tuesday after being involved in an auto accident. Law enforcement arrested Sefarian-Jenkins on March 9th and blood alcohol testing revealed that his BAC was 0.18, a level which is more than double the legal limit.

According to the police reports had shown that the car that Sefarian-Jenkins was driving that night was found near the University of Washington in the bottom of the basin. Even though Sefarian-Jenkins was severely injured at the time he refused to be taken to the hospital.

The paramedics then had to forcefully transport him to the hospital to where he was then admitted to the Harborview Medical Center. He would not even allow the nurses to take a blood test until the police obtained a search warrant and then found that his blood alcohol content was 0.18.

The only people involved in the accident were Sefarian-Jenkins and one witness and the police then had to request information on Sefarian-Jenkins. Because of this DUI he is now suspended indefinitely for the investigation and most likely afterwards as well. Not only did Sefarian-Jenkins get in trouble with the law but he also has temporarily lost his job.

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