Austin Police Officer Charged with DWI in Hays County, Texas

Lt. Robert Hernandez, with the Austin Police Department, was charged with driving while intoxicated in Texas the first week of June. It was the officers second Texas drunk driving offense.

Hernandez was stopped by a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper in Hays County. After failing a field sobriety test he was booked at Hays County jail on charges of drinking and driving. Hays County is directly South of Austin.

Hernandez was charged with Texas DWI in Austin in 1998. He was suspended from the police force for 15 days following that incident. Hernandez has several reprimands in his record, including driving a patrol car without lights or sirens at a speed greater than conditions and crashing his patrol car into a motorcycle, though no alcohol use was mentioned. The Austin Police Department is investigating the latest arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol in Texas.

See Chief Knee’s suspension memorandum of 1998: July 1998 Disciplinary Suspension of Sgt. Robert Hernandez by Chief Stanley L. Knee.

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