Austin Firefighter Suspended After Getting DWI

Austin Firefighter Suspended After Getting DWI

michael nimtzAustin firefighter Michael Nimtz has been given a 15 day suspension after being charged with DWI earlier this year in New Braunfels, Texas. Fire Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr said that Nimtz violated Rule 10.03 (G), which states that no firefighter may drink intoxicants while on duty or be charged with intoxication while off duty. Nimtz was pulled over on January 19, 2013 in New Braunfels around 1 a.m. according to a memo written by Chief Kerr.

According to Chief Kerr, when the officer initially questioned the Austin firefighter, he detected several symptoms of alcohol intoxication with one being an odor of alcohol coming from Nimtz. The officer then proceeded to give Nimtz a field sobriety test at which point Nimtz told him that he was an Austin firefighter in an attempt to gain favor. Nimtz was given a blood test that showed his blood alcohol content (BAC) level to be .198%, more than double the legal limit of .08%. After Nimtz was arrested for DWI, he later admitted to having 10 alcoholic beverages before driving that night. According to Chief Kerr’s memo, Nimtz can appeal the suspension with the Firefighters Civil Service Commission.

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