Austin Firefighter Gets Arrested for DWI

Austin Firefighter Gets Arrested for DWI
James Doyle
The Austin American-Statesman reported that James Doyle, an Austin firefighter, has been suspended for 3 months for a DWI. Doyle, 31 years old, was stopped by police officials on November 19 when he failed to signal before changing lanes and swerved in and out of the lanes. The police report stated that Doyle was “slurring and stumbling” and was unable to properly perform a sobriety field test. Doyle told police officials that he had “consumed one to two ‘Bud Lights.'”

It was determined that this was not Doyle’s first DWI; he had two other prior DWI affiliated arrests since 2006. However, the affidavit stated that Doyle did not have any prior DWI charges at the time of his arrest. A representative for the Austin Fire Department, Michelle DeCrane, told sources that Doyle was suspended without pay. Doyle will also have to comply with other penalties such as completing  a counseling and  rehabilitation program for alcohol consumption problems, and take random alcohol tests for about a year after his probation ends. It was noted that if Doyle failed to fully comply with the penalties, he will be suspended indefinitely without the right to appeal. Doyle is summoned to a court hearing on February 27.

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