Auburn Drunk Driver Crashes Trying to Elude Police

At approximately 3:20 a.m. on July 8th, 4 people were injured in a crash involving a drunk driver trying to elude a state trooper. Apparently, a 25 year old Tacoma man driving a 2004 Mazda crashed into a Ford tow truck when he ran a red light during the chase. Police say they suspected the driver of the Mazda to be drunk and now faces possible charges for eluding an officer and vehicular assault.

The two 19 year old passengers in the Mazda as well as the driver were all injured and taken to the Auburn Regional Medical Center for treatment. The driver of the tow truck was also injured and taken to the hospital in a private vehicle. Vehicular assault is considered a Class B felony in Washington and could result in large fines, jail time, loss of driver’s license and revocation of his vehicle.

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