Assistant Principal Gets Second DUI

Assistant Principal Gets Second DUI

News sources reported that Shannon D. Hill, an assistant principal from Jones Paideia Magnet School in Nashville, Tennessee, was “charged with his second DUI last night.” Hill, 37 years old, was also charged with a DUI last April after police officials saw him driving at more than 100 miles per hour on I-65.

According to the police arrest warrant from this past Sunday, “Hill ran a red light at Tusculum and Blue Hole roads, almost hitting another car.” Police officials stated that Hill carried a strong alcohol odor and tried to resist arrest. Other sources reported that Hill was administered several  field sobriety tests, including a blood test, which he failed.

Hill was charged with “a DUI, second offense; resisting arrest; and driving on a revoked license.” He received a bond of $10,000, and is summoned for a court hearing on March 18. A representative from the Metro Nashville Public Schools told sources that the human resources department would be conducting a thorough investigation on the matter.

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