Assemblyman Paul Moriarty DUI Case Officially Dismissed

Assemblyman Paul Moriarty DUI Case Officially Dismissed

paul moriartyDUI charges against New Jersey State Assemblyman Paul Moriarty have been officially dropped following the indictment of his arresting officer, Joseph DiBuonaventura. According to prosecutors, DiBuonaventura’s misconduct during the traffic stop have made it impossible to try Moriarty. The Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office made a statement saying they were “legally compelled to move for dismissal in the case against Moriarty. Officer DiBuonaventura was indicted on May 1, 2013, for filing false reports pertaining to the traffic stop that resulted in Paul Moriarty being charged with DUI in the first place.

Paul Moriarty was quick to deny the charges following his arrest, in which DiBuonaventura said he pulled the assemblyman over for an illegal lane change. According to the prosecutors office, the police dash cam video showed no illegal lane change, making the traffic stop a violation of Moriarty’s constitutional rights. Even though Paul Moriarty refused to submit an alcohol breath test, any evidence gathered after the illegal stop rendered evidence obtained after the stop inadmissible. In an investigation that has spanned several months, Moriarty has consistently denied the charges, saying he was unfairly targeted by Officer DiBuonaventura. Officer DiBuonaventura is currently suspended without pay pending the results of his case.

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