Avoid a DWI Guide to SXSW in Austin

2015 Guide to SXSW AustinIn March, the world of music, movies, and technology descends upon Austin. SXSW is without a doubt Austin’s most important annual event, having grown from its local roots to become a mega-festival that attracts people to Central Texas from all over the world. Perhaps one of the best things about SXSW is all the stuff guests can get for FREE! Free music, free expos, free food and free beer!

Free Beer?! Yes! That’s right, many venues in Austin have beer for free during SXSW!

While we all enjoy a free beer, we want to empower and remind everyone enjoying SXSW to be safe and drink responsibly.

Remember, even if you are not above the legal blood alcohol limit of .08%, if the police suspect you’re intoxicated, they can still arrest you!

The Austin Police Department will have approximately 60 more officers on duty during the start of the festival and an additional 120 officers on hand during the festivals final days. Police Chief Art Acevedo has said that his department will begin a “No-Refusal” initiative (meaning they can give you a BAC test without consent) during the final days of SXSW as well. Police will be patrolling the streets on foot, horses and barricade stations looking for symptoms and signs of intoxication such as red or glassy eyes, slurred speech, difficulty balancing and an odor of alcohol.

One of the most important things to remember is not to get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking!

Remember, ‘buzzed’ driving is drunk driving. The last thing you want is to remember SXSW for the DWI you got and not the amazing events and fun you had instead.

We wish everyone at SXSW a fun, memorable, and safe festival and want to provide a few alternative driving options for those not familiar with Austin. Drink responsibly!

  • Free Rides

Be on the lookout for companies that offer free rides around the main downtown area where SXSW is being held! Several companies offer free rides to popular destinations during SXSW.





Once you planned out your transportation, you can begin planning out the fun! Take advantage of free shows during SXSW, which you can find at coolinaustin.tumblr.com/sxsw, we’d recommend checking out the Spotify House or stopping by the convention center. Also, don’t forget to check out showlistaustin.com for a schedule of all things film, music and interactive at SXSW. Have fun! But remember to drink responsibly, stay safe and never get behind the wheel after you’ve had any alcoholic beverages!


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