Arrest Totals Released for Minnesota DWI

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety released records showing 3,094 state-wide arrests for driving while intoxicated were made during the month of July. Of the approximately 400 law enforcement agencies across the state, 278 reported making a Minnesota drunk driving arrest, as did 10 of the 11 State Patrol districts.

Police arrest records show that the average blood alcohol content for drivers arrested for DWI was 0.15%, or nearly twice the legal limit for intoxication in Minnesota.

July is typically one of deadliest for alcohol related accidents, leading the State Patrol to engage in enhanced DWI patrols during the month. This effort included members of the recently recognized Minnesota DWI Enforcer All-Star Team, comprised of officers who have made the most drunk-driving arrests in the state.

Statistics reveal that over half a million drivers in the state have been charged with Minnesota DWI. That represents one in eight registered drivers.

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