Arrest for Riding Bike While Drunk in Colorado

A University of Colorado student was arrested for riding a bike under the influence around 11:30 Saturday night after an unsteady ride through Boulder. Nineteen year old Patricia Forget rode her mountain bike through a red light at a major intersection and struck a car. Fortunately the driver saw Forget coming and remained stationery. Forget steadied herself by placing her hand on the hood of the car and then pedaled off only to strike the curb of the median and fall over.

A Boulder police officer who observed all this initiated a traffic investigation. Forget reportedly had red and watery eyes, laughed at inappropriate times and admitted she should not be riding her bike because she was “too drunk”. She failed a series of field sobriety tests and had a blood alcohol content of 0.215%.

Forget was booked for drunk riding and the bike was confiscated for evidence. Police say this is the fifth DUI arrest of the year of a suspected drunken cyclist. There were three such arrests in 2008 and five last year.

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