Arm Patch Detects Alcohol Enzyme

Arm Patch Monitors Alcohol Tolerance

By Michael Fitzpatrick

“A group in Japan called ASK is distributing arm patches that report
the amount of one of the enzymes that metabolize alcohol,” maxzig writes.
“The patches detect trace amounts of the enzyme secreted in sweat. If the
eznyme is not detected within a few minutes, the patch turns red. Besides
being interesting technology (hypothetically, a patch could be made that
was responsive to any secreted substance), the reason it is being
distributed is unexpected. Many Asians have low levels of this enzyme and
are thus more likely to get alcohol poisoning, yet drinking is strongly
tied to the corporate culture in Japan. This patch is meant to be a way
for people to politely refuse a drink, especially from a superior,
without offending. I can just see this being used excessively in the US
to monitor drinking – you have to wear one in the bar so you don’t drink
too much, in the car in case you drive drunk, etc. After all, as they
always say, it will SAVE LIVES. Especially the children’s.”

Article found at New Scientist

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