April Carole Thompson Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison for Deadly Wrong Way Crash

Wrong Way Drunk Driver Receives Less than Maximum Sentence

April Carole Thompson, 23, was drunk when she drove the wrong way on California’s SR 52 and slammed head-on into the Volkswagen Beetle of 25-year-old Jayme Alan Midlam, who died in the impact. Thompson was treated for moderate injuries. At the scene of the crime, Thompson was said to have repeatedly told the two men assisting her out of her wrecked truck that she just “wanted to go home.” Her blood alcohol level was at .25 percent which is three times over the legal limit.

CHP Officer Albert Udan testified at the hearing for Thompson’s sentencing. He told the court that a big rig driver saw Thompson’s oncoming headlights and he immediately slowed down to 35mph then pulled over to the right side of the freeway. The big rig driver saw Midlam’s car pass him then get hit head-on by Thompson’s vehicle.

Thompson told officers that she’d had one glass of vodka that afternoon and was driving from her home in National City to her boyfriend’s home in El Cajon. Thompson allegedly had tried to back away from the wreck after the crash happened but was unable to do so.

On November 5, 2012 Thompson was sentenced to 6 years in state prison. Her mother gave an emotional testimony before her sentencing. The maximum sentence Thompson could have received was 10 years in prison.

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