Amazing Race Contestant Vanessa Macias Arrested For DWI

Amazing Race Contestant Vanessa Macias Arrested For DWI

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Vanessa Macias, a former contestant on the TV show “The Amazing Race,” was arrested for DWI on October 26, 2012 at around 2 am. Macias was arrested in her hometown of San Antonio, Texas after police noticed her driving erratically and failing to use her signal. When policed questioned the former TV personality, she told them that she had consumed 3 vodka sodas at a Jason Aldean concert just a couple of hours prior to getting behind the wheel. According to the police report, Macias had blood-shot, glassy eyes and displayed other symptoms of alcohol intoxication. Macias had also visited a strip club between the concert and getting pulled over.

When police asked Macias to step out of her vehicle, she refused to do so and also balked at their request for a field sobriety test. She was arrested and taken to a local police station. She was booked on a misdemeanor driving while intoxicated charge and released just a few hours later on $1,000 bond. Her rep has yet to make any public statements regarding the arrest. Vanessa Macias started as a contestant on “The Amazing Race” and eventually finished in fourth place. She is currently working as a co-host on San Antonio’s KCYY morning radio show. Her performance on The Amazing Race and colorful personality is said to have helped her land the job at KCYY.

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