Amanda Bynes Seen Smoking Drug-Pipe In Her Car

Amanda Bynes Seen Smoking Drug-Pipe In Her CarAmanda Bynes is back behind the wheel of her black BMW after having her license suspended for charges of DUI as well as hit and run, except this time, she may have been caught driving under the influence of illegal drugs. TMZ is reporting that they spotted the actress driving around the San Fernando Valley aimlessly for several hours, making 2 stops at the Home Depot and Baja Fresh. In the photos, Amanda Bynes can be seen smoking from an alleged marijuana pipe that is meant to look like a vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

Amanda Bynes SmokingThe actress apparently started her trip by going to Baja Fresh first where she ate some tacos and smoked inside her car in the parking lot. She then took a trip to a spa where she spent three hours before winding up at a Home Depot to buy light bulbs where she once again smoked from the pipe in her car. Amanda Bynes is said to have broken several traffic laws and cut of a handful of drivers while driving that day.

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