Amanda Bynes In Another Accident With Suspended License

Amanda Bynes In Another Accident With Suspended License

 Amanda Bynes In Another Accident With Suspended License

Amanda Bynes seems to be continuing her downward spiral after being involved in another small car accident on September 13, 2012. After having her driver’s license suspended, the actress has been spotted several times driving around the San Fernando Valley apparently smoking marijuana in her car with a pipe designed to look like a cigarette lighter. The accident happened just hours after a judge ordered her to stop driving as part of an investigation into several other car accidents as well as a DUI charge.

Apparently, Bynes rear-ended another car in a parking lot on Sunset Boulevard, however, her and the other driver did not exchange insurance information. The accident was a small fender bender and TMZ is reporting that she merely tapped the bumper of another car which might explain why the other driver didn’t feel it was necessary to exchange information. Police were quoted by TMZ as having said that the “the public should be afraid of her” and that her driving “scares the shit” out of them. Several sources have apparently told TMZ reporters that “She’s obviously crying out for help, but isn’t ready to receive it” and that “She seems to be having some serious mental health issues“.

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