Alcoholized Mother Driving 5 Children Gets DWI for Wrecking Near a School

Alcoholized Mother Driving 5 Children Gets DWI for Wrecking Near a School

Last Thursday morning, alcoholized Minnesota mother- Amy Yvonne Mullin, received charges of DWI and child endangerment after wrecking her vehicle near a school. Mullin, who is 30 years of age, was carrying five children in her vehicle at the time of the accident. Officials claim that “two of the children were buckled together in the front seat.” At the scene of the accident, a legal enforcement officer administered Mullin a blood alcohol test that calculated her blood alcohol concentration level to be .175.  Evidently, Mullin violated the Minnesota alcohol limit law of .08 and was found guilty of drunk driving.

Officials stated that “Mullin caused the crash when she turned right in front of a man driving his five-year-old grandson, who was not hurt.” According to Mullin, only four children, of ages 2, 4, 5 and 9 months, were riding with her. However, while officials conducted investigative procedures,  a 7 year old girl walked over and Mullin then claimed that she had also been inside the vehicle with her.  Mullin, who was alcoholized, admitted that she only lied about the 7 year old not being in the car with her because she was not properly buckled. The 7 year old and 5 year old were both buckled together in the front seat.

Unfortunately, the 7 year old girl received an injury to her face but was immediately cared for by medical personnel. Mullin was apprehended and received charges as followed: one count for child endangerment,  one count for criminal vehicular operation, and two counts of third-degree DWI (drunk driving).

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