Air Force Sergeant Arrested for DUI in Florida

Just this past Saturday, a Florida Highway Patrol trooper was shocked to see that the Air Force Sergeant he had cuffed and left on the curb was no longer there when he turned around. That sergeant, Montie Cole Whitmore of Wimauma had been pulled over by the trooper for speeding. In addition to detecting an odor of alcohol, the Florida Trooper then noticed that Whitmore’s eyes looked glassy and his speech seem slurred.

The trooper then placed Whitmore in cuffs and placed him on the curb so he could take a moment to check the status of Whitmore’s license. That was when Whitmore slipped his cuffed hands under his legs and made a run for it. He didn’t make it far though when officers set up a perimeter and caught him close by in Riverview. Sergeant Whitmore has been charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI), petty theft, obstruction without violence and escape. He was caught with the handcuffs still on and was held Sunday at the Hillsborough County Jail without bail.

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