Addiction Bibliography


Selected Bibliography Last Updated: 07/96

This bibliography presents a selection of the ARF Library materials on
the topic of addictions. Please consult your workplace/community
libraries and information services to obtain these materials.

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the Healing Process
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Alcohol, Drug, Food, And Sexual Dependencies
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the Recovery From Addiction
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Self-Help Guide to Understanding the Drug Problem and Overcoming
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High-Risk Drug Years
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The Dual Disorders Recovery Book: A Twelve Step Program for Those
of us With Addiction and an Emotional or Psychiatric Illness: What we
Used to be Like, What Happened, and What we are Like Now
. Center
City, MN: Hazelden, 1993. RC 564 .D836 1993

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Healthy Ways to Deal with Worry, Fear, and Stress in Recovery
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Sanchez-Craig, Martha. Saying When: How to Quit Drinking or Cut
Down: An ARF Self-Help Book
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1993. RC 565 .S2627 1993

Schuckit, Marc Alan. Educating Yourself About Alcohol and Drugs: A
People’s Primer
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Sourcebook of Substance Abuse and Addiction, ed. Lawrence S.
Friedman. Baltimore, MD: Williams & Wilkins, 1996. HV 5801 .S639

The TRY Book: What You Can Do About Alcohol and Drug Abuse: The
Responsibility is Yours
. Victoria, B.C.: Alcohol and Drug Program,
1988. HV 5801 .T78 1988

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Anymore: Getting to Recovery
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564 .W374 1991

Washton, Arnold M. Willpower’s Not Enough: Understanding and
Recovering From Addictions of Every Kind
. New York: Harper &
Row. RC 533 .W37 1989

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