Ad Campaign Features Celebs Nabbed for DUI

The American Beverage Institute thinks ignition interlock devices are great for removing chronic drunk drivers from our roads. They feel that advocates of the device, however, want more. There are efforts underway to make interlock devices standard equipment in every vehicle sold in America, and the ABI feels that that will put an end to responsible social drinking.

ABI started an ad campaign featuring celebrities arrested for driving under the influence. The point was to feature documented problem drinkers in an effort to differentiate repeat DUI offenders from the average social drinker. The initial celeb shamed in the ads was Lindsay Lohan. The most recent ad that appeared in the New York Times, splashed mug shots of Keifer Sutherland, who recently spent time in jail for violating terms of his DUI probation, and Billie Joe Armstrong, front man for the rock band Green Day who was nabbed for drunk driving five years ago. An ABI website features Glenn Campbell, Michelle Rodriguez and Chris Klein.

The legal threshold for intoxication is typically a blood alcohol content of .08%. Ignition interlock devices are usually calibrated to disable the vehicle if a BAC of .02% is detected. As a result, those enjoying moderate consumption of alcohol, like at a sporting event or a wedding, will be penalized.

The ABI, which represents restaurants and advocates responsible consumption of alcohol, goes on to clarify that they want anti-drunk driving efforts to target drunk drivers, not all Americans.

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