Actor Wes Studi Pleads No Contest In DWI Case

Actor Wes Studi Pleads No Contest In DWI Case

wes studiWes Studi, an actor known for his roles in “Last of the Mohicans”, “Heat” and “Avatar”, plead no contest to a DWI he received in July 2013. Studi was arrested for DWI after police initially found him trying to change a couple of flat tires in the middle of a road in Sante Fe. The Avatar actor was required to pay $240 in court costs, and was given a 90 day suspended sentence in addition to a year of supervised probation.

According to police, Wes Studi became agitated and belligerent when they arrested him, shouting curse words as well. When one of the officers asked Studi if he could perform a field sobriety test, Studi replied, “No. Hell, no. I am so (expletive) drunk. You can understand that. Look at me“. Wes Studi had initially been charged with aggravated DWI after he refused to submit a breathalyzer test, which was later reduced to the lesser charge of first-offense DWI. The actor has since taken “complete responsibility” for his actions and apologized to police. In a statement released by the actor, he lamented, “I want to apologize to law enforcement officers for my behavior that evening … . I know I’ve hurt family, friends and supporters, and I’m deeply sorry.”

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