8-month Pregnant Woman Arrested for Drunk Driving

A heavily pregnant woman was arrested for drunk driving by a Veazie police sergeant after the woman broke several traffic laws on the highway and then traveled toward downtown Old Town, Maine. The pregnant woman, Stephanie Dickey, 26, has since been released on bail.

Sgt. Emery saw Dickey’s car driving erratically and when he pulled her over, he reportedly smelled an “extremely strong” odor of alcohol. A man was in the passenger’s seat and a man and a woman were also in the back seat of the car, and Dickey identified herself as the designated driver. She denied drinking at first but eventually admitted to drinking two beers.

When questioned about her swerving, Dickey said she was distracted by her passengers and also said that she had a walking cast on her fractured right foot. This was not Dickey’s first OUI charge.

Dickey’s Intoxilyzer results showed that her blood alcohol content was 0.14%.

Chief Mark Leonard said, “She was eight months pregnant. I don’t know that I’ve seen someone who was that far along.”

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