54 Halloween Arrests for Texas DWI in Austin

Austin Police Department - No Refusal WeekendThe Austin Police Department released the results of a Halloween crackdown on drunk driving. Over an eight hour period, the APD arrested 54 people on suspicion of driving while intoxicated in Austin.

Twenty six of those refused to submit to a breath test, leading the officers to seek warrants from a judge to force blood draws as part of a ‘no-refusal’ policy for the weekend. All 26 had a blood-alcohol content above the .08% legal threshold for intoxication, with seven registering a BAC twice the legal limit.

A spokesperson for the APD said he would need another team of DWI officers to make the effort full-time. As a consequence the ‘no-refusal’ crackdown will be limited to weekends or large holidays that historically show increases in Texas DWI arrests in Austin. The police department plans to conduct another ‘No Refusal’ effort around the New Year’s celebration.

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