3 Memphis Police Officers Refuse Alcohol Tests For DUI

3 Memphis Police Officers Refuse Alcohol Tests For DUI

3 Memphis Police officers were arrested this year for DUI and all refused to submit an alcohol test. Joma Harris, Roger Williams, and David Royal all refused to submit an alcohol test and it may have paid off for two of those officers. Joma Harris was arrested on April Fool’s Day for DUI as well as (failure to follow) duty upon striking a highway fixture, violating registration laws and leaving the scene of an accident. However, prosecutors dismissed all of those charges against Harris who instead plead guilty to reckless driving. Roger Williams also had his DUI charge dismissed and pleaded guilty to reckless driving. Both men received diversion which means they could have that charge expunged from their records.

David Royal, another officer with the Memphis Police Department, was arrested on July 22, 2012 and refused to submit an alcohol blood test as well. Royal did not get off so easy though and was taken to the Old Allen Station Precinct where a nurse drew two tubes of blood. Since Royal was involved in an accident resulting in injury, the State’s implied consent law gave officers the right to draw his blood. Many people throughout the state believe that officers should be held to a higher standard and that these 3 officers are setting a poor example and are cheating the system. Mike Williams, President of the Memphis Police Association, noted that officers often succumb to the high stress associated with the job and must be helped. Williams made a statement saying, “Given the nature of our job, there is a high divorce rate, high alcoholism rate” and “I like the second chance because sometimes we need to get people help, as opposed to just penalizing them.”

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