19 Year Old Causes Fatal DUI Crash

19 Year Old Causes Fatal DUI Crash


The Chicago Tribune reported that this past weekend in Chicago a 19-year-old was responsible for causing a DUI crash that killed one woman and left two other people injured. Legal officers stated that the drunk driver, Kevin P. Rawley, received charges for DUI, causing an accident and a fatality, disobeying a signal stop, and operating a vehicle without insurance. Rawley, who was driving a 1999 Infiniti sedan, sped past a red light and crashed into a 2002 Nissan sedan. His infinity spun out of control and collided with a utility pole. It was stated that Rawley had been riding with three passengers; Tabria Jamron, a male, and a 19 year old female. Jamron, who was 18 years old, did not survive the accident and died at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. The other passenger was only 22 years old and taken to University of Chicago Hospital, and the other female did not accept any medical treatment. Both, the passenger and driver from the Nissan vehicle, refused to receive any medical attention. No further information was released, except that Rawley was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. It is most likely that he will be soon be summoned to attend a court hearing for his DUI charges.

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